1. Do you have a WiFi router?

  • Yes 2
  • No 5

2. Connect your phone to the WiFi and use the IP from http://ip.junkcode.net/.

Is it working?
  • Yes 666
  • No 3

3. Your router is probably separating wireless and cable networks.

You can try connecting your computer to the WiFi or you need to reconfigure router to tie LAN and WLAN Interfaces together.
Did it help?
  • Yes 666
  • No 4

4. Well, you probably made some mistake in setting things up or your router doesn't route as it should.

You can still try:
- answer No in question 1
- if your Android supports tethering via USB enable it and new IP will be on http://ip.junkcode.net/ (USB tethering is usually supported on devices with 3G)
- you can try tethering via BlueTooth (then use the new IP from http://ip.junkcode.net/)
(while using tethering you don't need to actually share phones internet to PC, you just need to have it connected)

5. Use IP from Google

Is it working?
  • Yes 666
  • No 6

6. Is your computer connected directly to internet modem or through router?

  • Directly to modem 7
  • Through router 8

7. Something is blocking the connection try setting opening in firewall on port 8111

8. You will need to set up NAT on the router.

Try Googling "NAT" + your router model or contact someone who knows something about networking.

9. reserve.

  • Yes 666
  • No 4

So what are you doing here?

If you have any ideas how to improve this guide let me know on button@junkcode.net